Stay Tender. Stay Tough.

Once upon a time in my former life at work, a colleague told me I had to grow a thicker skin. And I did. I grew a skin that repels comments like that one. 

You see, my tenderness and my toughness are not mutually exclusive. My heart is tender, and fierce as hell. I am compassionate, and there is courage in that. I am emotional, and there is bravery and authenticity in that. I am affected by what people say. I am affected by the actions of others. And that affect drives me to serve others and stand up for them and myself. It fires up my fierceness.

I don’t want to be unaffected. I want to feel. I want to be open. Don’t you shush me or my beating heart. It’s simultaneously more vulnerable and more powerful than you could ever comprehend. 

Go ahead, try to tell me toughen up. You’ll only fuel my fire.

Or try telling me when I cry that I should shake it off. My tears are a sign I’m alive and they’re gearing up to rain down a fiery storm of fierceness.

Stay tender, stay tough my loves. xo.

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