Lil’ StickerDoodle Club Subscription

BUT HOLD UP, stickers aren’t just for GROWN-UPS!

Try Lil' StickerDoodle!

•This one’s for the young, and the young at heart!
•Lil’ StickerDoodle members get the same fun package as grown folk, in an entirely different theme and colors appropriate for littles!

Lil’ StickerDoodle packages will contain:

•One (1) 4x6 sheet of small stickers in the month’s theme and colors
•Three (3) large stickers appropriate for laptops, water bottles, the works!
•A new surprise each month!
•A monthly activity sheet to encourage imagination, creativity, and play!
•A new suggestion from Natalie on how to use your stickers! 


Monthly Subscription: $17.99 a month (including shipping) - a $35 value!
Annual Subscription: $199 per year ($17 savings + a FREE sticker collector’s book)

Looking for an adults club instead? Try StickerDoodle
Looking to join both the kids and adults clubs? Try our combo membership 

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