Loving Everything

We love people who are excited about little things. People who say they love you multiple times a day. People who cherish animals; who exclaim excitedly when they spot a toad jumping in their yard - like it’s the first toad they’ve ever seen. We love people who can’t choose a favorite color because they don’t want to hurt the other colors’ feelings. There’s nothing wrong with just loving things; just unabashedly adoring and loving the hell out of things. It’s cool to be delighted. We promise. Look for more delight - savor it and speak it out loud. That makes the enchantment you feel more real, and passes it on to the people around you. There’s nothing more charming than someone else’s glee.

This 8x10 print features my signature hand lettering and original design on 85# 100% recycled cardstock. 

Please note:  Frame and accessories not included.  But they look really cute, don't they?


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