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Mystery Craft Kit

Mystery Craft Kits

Unravel the secrets of creativity with this Mystery Craft Kit! All the vital supplies are included, so you just need to provide the basics—paint, brushes, tape, scissors, etc—and you'll be ready to explore the exciting unknown of crafting. Let's craft and see what we discover!

Several price points available:

  • Finish My Project - $10 (finish working on Natalie's sample project)
  • Small - $15 (ex: small sign and stencil)
  • Medium - $20 (ex: large sign and stencil or two medium size projects)
  • Large - $30 (2-3 projects)

    What can you expect inside your package?

    • NatterDoodle projects - between 1-3 projects per kit!
    • Basic painting projects may not include instructions; please contact with any questions.

    Examples include:

    • Earrings
    • Magnets
    • Signs
    • Pennants
    • Canvases
    • Seasonal Decor
    • And many more!
    How does it work? We have a limited number of Mystery Craft Kits and you get to choose your own adventure, lottery style! Note:

    HURRY! These will not last long! 

    Please note: Shipping costs reflect the weight of the package.

    Sorry, but we cannot accept any special requests for surprise kits, nor can we accept returns. Make sure you LOVE a surprise!

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