Space rental page details

We heart art and you know we LOVE fun!

Our studio space is perfect for your in-store pop-up, creative workshop, social meetup or party! 

We welcome artists, small businesses and social events at NatterDoodle Shop + Studio.

Come party with NatterDoodle! We’ll do our best to make the experience as easy breezy and fun as possible!


 Space Rental FAQ:

What kind of event can I have at NatterDoodle Shop + Studio?

The only limit is your imagination. ☺ Well, and space. We love giraffes, but they're too tall for our ceilings. So I guess that's a no on the giraffes.

How do I book an event? 

Take a few minutes to fill out our Event Inquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with availability. We’ll then ask you to fill out an agreement form and either pay a deposit (workshops) or in full (events). We offer our space on a first come, first served basis, taking into consideration receipt of the signed agreement and payment.

What’s the food and beverage situation?

We are PRO food and beverages. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages into our space. Don’t forget all the other good things you’ll need to go with them like plates, cups, napkins and cutlery!

We have a mini fridge and microwave available for you to use as well.

Are tables and chairs included?

Yes! We currently have five white tables and enough seating for 24. We are also able to provide standard folding tables if needed for displays, food, etc. Please request ahead of time. You are welcome to bring in extra tables and chairs if needed, just keep in mind the size of the space. We can seat a maximum of 24 people at tables, though 20 may be more comfortable depending on what seating arrangement you’re hoping for.

Can I set-up in advance of my event?

You’ll need to request the full time you’ll need for setup and teardown as part of your contract.

What about cleanup?

Before you leave, you’ll need to sweep the floor, wipe down the tables and collect any trash and recycling. We do not have a dumpster on site, so please be prepared to take your trash with you when you leave. 

Where are you located? And where can I park?

NatterDoodle Studio is located in the heart of Columbus’ Clintonville neighborhood at 3516 N. High Street.

There is free parking on High Street and on the nearby side streets of Oakland Park, and Dunedin. We also offer limited parking behind the store; make sure you see the NatterDoodle sign on our back door, or you could be in the wrong lot. Please do not park in the two spots immediately behind Mike’s Barber Shop.

Do you have other things that are available for us to use?

We have free WiFi (by request) and a Bluetooth speaker. Someone will be on site during your event and happy to help with any last minute requests, too (within reason, duh).

What’s the temperature situation?

We are happy to change the heat or A/C upon request! Don’t be afraid to ask!

Anything that I can’t bring to NatterDoodle Studio?

While we LOVE glitter and confetti here at NatterDoodle, you’ll have to clean it up so ask yourself the all-important-question: IS IT WORTH IT? And you can’t bring illegal drugs because, duh.

If you’re thinking of bringing an animal (other than a service animal), we need to inform our CPA (chief puppy advisor) Confetti in advance. Make sure you let us know!

We want to decorate. Do you have any policies?

Any event where you’re planning to decorate we’ll ask you to come in for a preliminary walk through to discuss. As an operating store, we will have to plan for any significant changes to our layout or relocation of product to accommodate your decorations. We can do it! We just need to plan for it and make the time for it, so let’s have you come by for a convo, k?

What does it cost?

    • Pop-Up Shop:
      • During shop open hours: $40/hr for minimum of three hours; each additional hour $25/hr.
      • During shop closed hours: $45/hr for minimum of three hours + 25% of sales
    • Workshops: 80/20 split (80% to artist, 20% to NatterDoodle) based on workshop ticket price
    • Events (when shop is closed): $50/hr for minimum of three hours. Please account for setup and cleanup time in your estimate.

How far should I start my planning?

We suggest booking your event a minimum of six weeks in advance in order to allow enough time to adequately promote your opportunity. You’ll want to make sure you put in a little elbow grease to promote this experience to the best of your ability. We recommend using all of your social media outlets, email and personal invitations in order to maximize your attendance and potential earnings. We will also promote your event alongside our other events, too, provided it’s a public event!

We are selling tickets. Any advice?

We highly recommend running ticketing through your own web site. If you don’t have the capacity to do that, we are happy to run it through ours. Keep in mind, credit card fees will apply. We will provide payment via PayPal within 10 days of the workshop.

OK, I’m ready! Now what??

Fill out this form and let’s get this party started!