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NatterDoodle is still happily accepting fundraiser workshop proposals! Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, workshops are virtual for the time being. Some options are subject to change as a result. Thank you for understanding. Stay safe and well!

You’re passionate about an important cause.

We’re passionate about leaving the world more colorful, creative and connected.

NatterDoodle loves to partner with charitable organizations to help you raise money for a worthy cause! Let’s get creative and create positive change together!




 STEP 1: Determine the details!

  • Setup a date and time to have a fundraiser workshop with NatterDoodle. We typically schedule fundraisers on weekdays and weeknights. Fill out the Workshop Inquiry Form.
  • Choose a workshop with the help of NatterDoodle. All of our project-based workshops are available to book for fundraisers. We’re sorry, but Intro to Hand Lettering is not eligible for fundraisers.
  • Make sure to review the fundraiser agreement sent to you by NatterDoodle and sign.

STEP 2: Advertise!

  • We will create an online listing for your workshop and a custom link that you can use to promote and sell tickets. Your guests will be required to enter a special code at checkout!
  • You spread the word! Use social media, email, invitations – whatever it takes to get people registered. Tickets must be purchased in advance via the NatterDoodle web site.
  • We will also list your event on our social media and keep it open to the public, unless you’d prefer otherwise.

STEP 3: Make it fun!

  • Consider bringing snacks and beverages to the event or encourage guests to BYOB!
  • Come prepared to talk a little bit about your organization’s cause at the beginning of the workshop.

STEP 4: Enjoy!

  • Enjoy the workshop alongside your group.
  • We will be happy to take any group photos for you during the event.

STEP 5: Receive your donation!

  • NatterDoodle will donate 25% of the profits to your organization via check, provided you meet the minimum number of 15 participants registered with your code.
  • NatterDoodle will also donate 15% of any products sold during the workshop to your organization.


General Information

Schedule an art workshop fundraiser with us and we’ll donate 25% of each ticket to your cause, while creating a memorable and fun experience for your donors and friends! 15% of any purchases made in our shop that night will also be added to the donation!


We suggest booking your fundraiser a minimum of six weeks in advance in order to allow enough time to promote and meet the 15 person minimum. You’ll want to make sure you put in a little elbow grease to promote this opportunity to the best of your ability. We recommend using all of your social media outlets, email and personal invitations in order to maximize your fundraising potential! We will also promote your event alongside our other events, too!


In person fundraisers are typically held at NatterDoodle Studio in Columbus, but you are welcome to provide an alternative location with 25 miles of Columbus, Ohio for groups of 20+.

Tickets & Seating

We keep the process as easy peasy as possible! No physical tickets to sell; we list your fundraiser online so that ticket sales happen securely through our website! Tickets must be purchased in advance and we’ll keep you updated regularly on the number of registrations we receive.

Please note: a minimum of 15 people registering with your organization’s special code are needed in order to receive the 25% donation. We can seat a maximum of 24 people at NatterDoodle Studio; there is no maximum for virtual workshops.

Type of Workshop

We have loads of workshops to choose from! We’ll be happy to help you pick the workshop that’s perfect for your group.

Project-based workshops are available to book for fundraisers. Some examples include:

  • Pies & Penmanship (hand lettered dish towel project)
  • Lettering & Lattes (hand lettered coffee mug project)
  • Hand Lettered Holiday Ornaments (confetti filled ornaments with hand lettered design project)
  • Pumpkins & Penmanship (hand lettered autumnal pumpkin project)
  • Sweets & Scripts (hand lettered and embossed serving tray project)
  • Chalk it Up! (hand lettered chalk board design project)
  • Canvas Calligraphy (hand lettered canvas design project)
  • Wine & Write (hand lettered wine bags & wine tasting project)
  • Hand Lettered Wall Hangings Workshop
  • Hand Lettered Door Signs
  • Hand Lettered Seasonal Banners
  • Ink & Drink (hand lettered coasters)
  • And more! If you’ve seen a workshop we’ve done in the past that you’d like to consider for a fundraiser workshop, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

We’re sorry, but Intro to Hand Lettering is not eligible for fundraisers.

Verification & Donation

We require verification of the organization's 501(c)3 tax status and that you are authorized to coordinate fundraising events on behalf of the organization. NatterDoodle will donate proceeds directly to the non-profit organization via check!


While we’d love to be able to host a fundraiser for every worthy cause, fundraiser scheduling is subject to availability.

How to Book

Fill out the form here and we’ll get back to you within a week!

Past Partners

Some of the organizations we have partnered with for fundraisers in the past include: Susan G. Komen Foundation, Delta Gamma Alumnae Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Sam’s Fans, RoX (Ruling Our eXperiences), Tech Corps and more!