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Dear Friends,

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that people are my priority. I am thinking about you right now, when things may seem uncertain.

Maybe you’re keeping it cozy at home this weekend - that’s why I’m making my set of Self-Love Mantra Coloring Pages FREE. No strings attached - just because I love you and I want to give you something happy and hopeful to share with your family and pals this weekend. Share your colorful creations on Instagram or Facebook and tag me - I’d love to see your creation!

Art connects us. It brings us together even when we feel far apart.
Breathe deeply and remember people are incredible and the world is full of marvel!

xo. Natalie


I’ve been keeping up with COVD-19 news and recommendations, and while I know it can feel like there is a lot of uncertainty, I want you to feel good about what we’ve got in place at NatterDoodle.

  • never closes!
    • We are still shipping everything lovingly and personally. Shop your heart out and know your package is being put together by our loving and clean hands! :)
  • Let’s stay together. We are moving forward with workshops!
    • Workshops are moving forward as planned. Our workshops are small gatherings of under 20 folks. I have heard from so many of you worried that we will cancel workshops, sharing that you need the creative break from what feels like a very uncertain time. I hear you and I understand.
    • We will have a hand washing station in our studio bathroom with instructions on how to wash your hands to the tune of some of your favorite songs, along with hand sanitizer at every event.
    • We are already vigilant at keeping our space extremely clean. But please rest assured: every chair, every table, any surface at all that can be wiped down will be disinfected before and after every workshop. I have also been in touch with any venue partners outside of NatterDoodle studio to ensure they are equally as committed.
    • What I ask is that if you are feeling sick, stay home for your protection and that of other guests. We will work with you on a solution! Just send me an email.
    • If anything changes with a specific workshop, registered attendees will be contacted directly via email. Please make sure you whitelist us so we don’t end up in your pesky SPAM folders!
  • Doors closed, hearts open. We are temporarily ceasing walk-in hours at the studio.
    • Few things bring me more joy than when you drop-by the studio to shop and say hi. For right now, we’re going to limit our guests in the studio to those attending workshops. I hope this won’t last long and you’ll be the first to know when it’s over!
  • Closer to Free!
    • To make online ordering a little easier, I am reducing the threshold for free shipping from $50 to $35. To take advantage of this offer, please use code GIMME35.
  • Just call me Applebee’s! We will be offering curbside pickup.
    • Local to Columbus? You can shop online and avoid shipping costs! Make your online purchase, choose in-store pickup & we will follow-up to setup a pickup! You can pull-up in our parking lot, text us when you’re here and voila! Your goodies will be brought right to your car!
  • Clean jelly beans! Maintaining a rigorous cleaning regimen in the studio.
    • I already fancy our shop a very clean and sanitized place, but rest assured my tiny team is taking extra precautions to keep the studio safe for us and our workshop guests.
  • All hands on deck (and super clean)! Hand sanitizer available to purchase.
    • Starting next week, we will be offering hand sanitizer for purchase and pickup. I know how hard it is to get your hands on hand sanitizer right now. I have partnered with another small business to be able to offer travel size hand sanitizer for folks who are having trouble getting it! As soon as this arrives in the shop, you’ll be the first to know.
  • Because they said so! Staying compliant.
    • We are following any recommendations and requirements from the World Health Organization, the city of Columbus, the state of Ohio and other authorities.
    • I am following the news and keep up-to-date with recommendations from the proper authorities.
    • As a person with chronic illness, I have also been in touch with my personal health care professionals (who I know very well and trust implicitly) to review my plans and make recommendations for both me and NatterDoodle - because they are amazing like that! 


As for me, your internet best friend, I’m committing to a few things personally, too.

  1. I will keep working and acting out of love and confirmed information, and not out of fear.
  2. I am focusing on people. My team will be paid should they not be able to come to work; I will find ways for them to work from home.
  3. I am looking for ways to build community for you during a time when people may be feeling scared or unsure. Workshops will continue as planned, I will be offering ways to discuss and interact on social media and I hope some little pops of joy into your inbox (like today’s digital download)!
  4. I am committed to keeping my voice authentic with you. I will tell you the reasons to be hopeful right now! I will also tell you the ways what’s happening on the national and worldwide landscape is affecting my small business.
  5. I am taking care of my own health and checking in on those around me who are vulnerable.
  6. I am pursuing shopping with small businesses for my needs during this time of uncertainty to contribute to the health and stability of their businesses.


  1. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!
  2. If you’re sick, stay home from a workshop and we will work on a solution with you!
  3. Support small businesses when you can.
  4. Do something for YOU every day (like color one of these cute pages why don’t ya).
  5. Keep your head up, keep your heart strong. <3

Stay tender, stay tough.

xo. Natalie


Summer Marketing, Social Media & Digital Strategy Intern

Internship available only for college students seeking academic credit


We're on the hunt for our next college interns!

We're seeking college students with awesome attitudes, super reliable, loves media, marketing and with visual prowess.

Our ideal interns love social media, are dope writers, and enjoy being creative as much as they like to execute a to-do list.



Attitude is everything at NatterDoodle. While we love artists, you don't have to be a designer to fit our team. We are looking for team players with a strong work ethic, a go-getter mindset and people-centered. 

  • Social media savvy
  • Highly organized with an attention to detail and deadlines
  • Currently enrolled college student with ability to seek academic credit for the internship
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Basic design skills (preferred)
  • Emphasis on creating an excellent customer service experience
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Small business interest
  • Experience in digital strategy and social media marketing (preferred)
  • Photography experience (preferred)
  • Positive attitude, passionate, and enthusiastic
  • Dog-loving (required)
  • Loves brunch (preferred)
Potential tasks:
  • Develop promotional materials; emphasis on social media content and print publications
  • Conceptualize and implement new strategic plan for Pinterest
  • Research social media marketing strategies for online growth and increased sales, and develop proposals accordingly
  • Identify potential opportunities for local event promotion; update online calendars of events
  • Assist in content creation for social media
  • Create communication strategies to connect with bloggers, podcasters and retail influencers
  • Photographing/videoing events, products, etc.
  • Help to conceptualize retail store windows and displays for maximum appeal to customers
  • Assist in event planning and execution, including product launches, local markets, and hand lettering workshops
The Details

NatterDoodle Shop + Studio is located in Columbus’ charming Clintonville neighborhood at 3516 N. High Street.

8-10/hours per week during the following time frames. Monday-Thursday 11 am - 5 pm. Occasional weekend support for off-site events may be requested.

The internship will run in from May through August. Start and end dates are flexible. Interns must receive academic credit and provide documentation that supports this from their college/university.


To apply, please submit an official application here. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply early to ensure consideration.


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