Jane Austen Book Stack Sticker

Stack your books in style with this Jane Austen Book Stack Sticker! This gorgeous decal packs a lot of literary punch, with a vibrant color palette and a subtle glitter outline that'll make even your least-favorite professor take notice. And of course, it features all of Austen's beloved books in one convenient package - so you can finally show your love for "Pride and Prejudice", "Emma", and beyond!

Your laptop. Your water bottle. Your car. If they don't stand for something, they'll fall for anything. Or is that people? Hm...

This glitter die cut sticker features my signature hand lettering and design. Made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight. 

Approximately 3 in x 3 in

    Please note:  Accessories not included.  But they look really cute, don't they?


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