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Over the Rainbow Candle Set

Have you ever wondered what purple smells like? What about blue? Well we've done the work for you and created the perfect set of seven perfectly colorful candles!

Line up all seven of NatterDoodle's signature scents so that you can enjoy the entire rainbow! Bask in their warm light and delectable fragrances!

Your set of 7 candles includes:

  • Red: Smells like the magic of Dorothy's ruby red slippers
  • Orange: Smells like a delightfully melty creamsicle from the ice cream truck
  • Yellow: Smells like the sunflower hat you rocked in the '90s
  • Green: Smells like a four leaf clover in a field of threes
  • Blue: Smells like scoring the highly coveted blue razz Blow Pop
  • Purple: Smells like acai of relief just before a long weekend
  • Pink: Smells like winning the pink Starburst lottery

Signature fragrances dreamed up by NatterDoodle, these 8 oz. soy candles feature cotton paper wicks and pure fragrance oils and will burn for 60 hours each. Each candles comes in a beautiful white glass jar, with accompanying black top.

Part of our Pride 2019 Collection. 10% of your purchase will be donated to The Nina West Fund through June 2019. 

Poured by our friends from the Columbus-based The Candle Lab.


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