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Ocean Roars for You

Self-Care Checkpoint

  • unclench your jaw
  • sit up straight, roll your neck
  • take a sip of water
  • stand up and stretch
  • crane your neck to the sky
  • think of something you're grateful for
  • smile for 30 seconds
  • breathe deeply
  • remember you're a contribution

This die cut magnet measures approximately 3" x 3"  and features my signature hand lettering and design. 

With a matte finish, these magnets look great on your refrigerator or car. NatterDoodle magnets feature a strong magnetic material, while still lightweight and flexible. A strong magnetic material helps them stay flat so they are aerodynamic enough for your car, and can stay on through rain and high speeds. 

Please note:  Accessories not included.  But they look really cute, don't they?


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