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Love Mantra

This is my personal love mantra that I wear on a bracelet and I want to share it with you.

Love is the most important, guiding value in my life.  💕 Love radically is something I'm holding on to right now more than ever. 💞 Listening deeply to the stories of those close to me make loving unconditionally easy most of the time. 💓 Loving radically, however, means sharing space with people who have very different perspectives and beliefs, and giving them my respect and kindness in the hopes that they might do the same with me. 💖 I think that radical love means patience & seeking to understand one another. 💗 And I hope that deep listening might lead to an openness to change & understanding.

Featuring my signature hand lettering and original charcoal design, this 8x10 piece is printed on 85# 100% recycled cardstock.

Please note:  Frame and accessories not included.  But they look really cute, don't they?



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