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Mother's Day Hand Painted Beaded Necklace Kit + Virtual Workshop - May 9

Celebrate Mother's Day with some quality time! Tune in with your kiddos from your quaran-team location; or invite your Mom or an amazing gal pal to join you via FaceTime!

Choose your favorite design and sit down for a creative break to your chaos! 

Create three hand painted statement necklaces in the company of established artist and color expert Natalie Keller Pariano. 

Add a little quirky color to your wardrobe or a gorgeous neutral necklace with delightful patterns! 

Natalie will share all of her tips and techniques for painting wooden beads in different patterns and finishes to create statement pieces for your jewelry collection or as thoughtful handmade gifts!

This workshop is appropriate for adults and kiddos!

How does it work?

  • We'll mail you a take-home kit with the supplies you'll need to create a set of three (3) finished necklaces
  • We'll include written instructions PLUS a live workshop on Facebook for you to tune-in and follow along with Natalie (Sunday, May 9 at 5 pm EST)

Your kit includes supplies to create three (3) finished necklaces:

  • Twenty-four (24) wooden beads
  • Three (3) sets of necklace cording
  • Three (3) paint brushes
  • Six (6) chopsticks
  • Three (3) samples of washi tape
  • Eight (8) colors of craft paints
  • Six (6) Q-tips
  • 2+ hours of instruction, demonstrations and advice from an established artist
  • Written instructions on how to do your project on your own time
  • An invitation to an online LIVE video party with Natalie on Sunday, May 10 at 2 pm EST (please note: you do NOT need to attend the party to do the project; your written instructions will give you the complete overview of the project - the video is just for fun!)
You'll need to supply the following elements at home:
  • One (1) pair of scissors
  • Three (3) paper plates/bowls/cups (or something to rest drying beads on)
  • Water
  • Optional supplies: paint markers, table cover
Please note: This is a project based workshop kit. You will create a set of beautiful necklaces; no hand lettering experience is required and you will not learn hand lettering techniques. For an introduction to the art form of hand lettering, please consider taking an Intro to Hand Lettering Workshop.

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