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Hand Lettered Flower Arrangement Kits + Virtual Workshop - August 13

Flowers that never die or wilt - um YES PLEASE!
Tune in from your quaran-team location and sit down for a creative break to your chaos! 

Choose your favorite design(s) and create a hand painted, hand lettered floral arrangement that you can enjoy for years to come!

Natalie will share all of her tips and techniques for creating a colorful arrangement that adds personality to any room!

How does it work?

  • We'll mail you a take-home kit with the supplies you'll need to create your wooden floral arrangement
  • We'll include written instructions PLUS a live workshop on Facebook for you to tune-in and follow along with Natalie (August 13 at 7 pm EST)

Your kit includes the following supplies:

  • 16-piece wooden floral kit (includes jar, stand, flowers, greenery, etc)
  • 18-piece acrylic paint set
  • Two (2) paint brushes
  • One (1) personally hand lettered name card
  • One (1) bottle of super glue
  • Up to two (2) NatterDoodle designs (5 to choose from)
  • 1.5+ hours of instruction, demonstrations and advice from an established artist
  • Written instructions on how to do your project on your own time
  • An invitation to an online LIVE video party with Natalie on August 13 at 7 pm EST (please note: you do NOT need to attend the party to do the project; your written instructions will give you the complete overview of the project - the video is just for fun!)
You'll need to supply the following elements at home:
  • Cup of water
  • Paper towels
  • Optional supplies: table covering, paint markers for accents, clear coat spray

Kits will ship 10 days before the workshop.

Please note: This is a project based workshop kit. You will create a hand lettered floral arrangement. No hand lettering experience is required and you will not learn hand lettering techniques. For an introduction to the art form of hand lettering, please consider taking an Intro to Hand Lettering Workshop.


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