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Sprinkle Positivity Confetti Set

Line up all three of NatterDoodle's signature scents so that they read: Sprinkle Positivity Confetti and bask in their warm light and delectable fragrances!

Each candle is $22.00 - your set of 3 saves $6!

Your set of 3 candles includes:

  • Sprinkle: Smells like going all in on the fro yo toppings
  • Positivity: Smells like the glass is half full, and comes with a cocktail umbrella
  • Confetti: Smells like a bottomless mimosa kind of birthday!

Signature fragrances dreamed up by NatterDoodle, these 8 oz. soy candles feature cotton paper wicks and pure fragrance oils and will burn for 60 hours each. Each candles comes in a beautiful white glass jar, with accompanying black top.

Poured by our friends from the Columbus-based The Candle Lab.


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